Finding Hope.

Hi, I am Lauren Delahoussaye, a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Louisiana and am also certified in perinatal mental health with Postpartum Support International. I am currently offering therapy to new parents and caregivers as they navigate their prenatal and postpartum mental health. I am also able to provide therapy during grief and loss, relationship struggles, and navigating anxiety. I provide a safe place for you to understand your emotions and create healthy ways to cope.

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About me

Lauren Delahoussaye, LCSW, PMH-C

Hi, I am Lauren Delahoussaye. I have been practicing social work in the Lafayette area for over 7 years now. Throughout my journey as a social worker I have been drawn to infant and early childhood mental health as well as perinatal mental health. I have spent the last 5 years specializing and working in these areas. I am passionate about helping parents and caregivers during the most stressful of times.

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Certificates and Verifications:
Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners
Postpartum Support International
National Association of Social Workers

Recommended Book of the Month

Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms 

Moms can feel as if they are sprinting through life, crashing onto the pillow at day’s end only to start again the next morning. In Breathe, Mama, Breathe, psychotherapist Shonda Moralis outlines the benefits of daily meditation and shows moms how to do it—in just five minutes! Plus, she shares over 60 “mindful breaks” that will help moms tune into their own well-being (along with everyone else’s):

  • Eat a mindful breakfast—with no phone, TV, or newspaper!
  • Cuddle your child and take three deep breaths together.
  • Give yourself a mindful-mommy high five—because moms can use positive reinforcement, too.

Every mom—whether caring for a new baby, an overscheduled grade-schooler, or an angsty teen—can become a mindful mama!